To better segment our client base, we are introducing our Pricing Calculator. The Pricing Calculator will be used at the point of sale and is a tool used to gather information about the client's tax situation. The information gathered will be used to: 
1. Compute pricing for clients. For instance, a US Expatriate client with 10 K-1s from other investments may potentially be more complex compared to a consultant in Texas. As such, the pricing of the services will adjust to accommodate the increased difficulty.  
2. Information such as the client's projected profits, entity type, state, and industry is pulled into our centralized database. This information will be used proactively in order to set baseline items for the client in multiple places, such as the Tax Planner, and bookkeeping software. For instance, the bookkeeping chart of accounts for a consultant would be different when compared to an e-commerce client. This information can be changed if there is an update to the client's information (example: the client moved states).