01 interview process

All our prospective Tax Advisors go through a 3 round interview process. 
  • The first interview is with our recruiter. In this interview, the recruiter assesses the candidate to see if they would be a good fit based on knowledge, personality, work availability, and company culture. 
  •  The second round interview is with our Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinator goes more in-depth regarding the candidate's experience, personality, and compensation expectations. 
  • The third round interview is with the client's future Manager and Supervisor. In this call, the Manager and Supervisor may ask technical questions, questions on experience, as well as provide scenarios regarding professional ethics. 
After the candidate has successfully passed the 3 round interview, the Program Coordinator reaches out to the candidate regarding the next steps (such as background check, new hire forms, etc), as well as ask for their availability for our next training classes. We hold multiple session training classes based on our current need. ​

02 training program

Our advisors go through a 5 day paid training program. 
In this program, our advisors are trained on: 
  • Our advisory process. 
  • All other processes, including our portal (such as scheduling appointments, sending messages, annotating conversations, etc) and administrative items.   
  • Our software such as the accountant portal, tax planner, tax savings plan, bookkeeping software, etc. 
  • Information about our Products and Services as well as the client's expectations. 
  • They may listen to recorded or live advisory calls in learn how we communicate with our clients. 
The advisors are then assessed 1-on-1 via: 
  • Portal Assessment - One of our advisors plays the role of a client and asks the new advisor to walk them through our client portal. 
  • Advisory Assessment - One of our our advisors plays the role of a client and lets the new advisor hold a "mock advisory" call. 
At the end of the training program, advisors may be let go if they do not meet the necessary proficiency. Otherwise, they then begin a team training.   

03 team training

The team training is directly with the team the advisors will be a part of. 
  • The training is conducted with the advisor's direct Manager or Supervisor. 
  • The training is typically based on the strengths and weaknesses of the actual advisor. For instance, if the advisor is weak on navigating the client portal, the training may be more focused on client portal navigation. 
  • This team training varies on the advisor's proficiency but is typically between 2-5 days. 
The team training is also focused on dealing with our typical client-base. For instance, how we convey information to an UHNW individual, in business for 15 years would not be the same compared to a typical first time business owner. The client expectations, and understanding may be quite different. 
At the end of the team training, managers and supervisors can elect not to proceed with onboarding the advisor if they see fit. Approximately 62.5% of those who start the training program, go on to take on clients.  
The advisor will be scheduled a few appointments a day, with the number of appointments increasing over time (to ease the advisor into the role). The advisor can reach out to their team at any point via phone, message or email.