01 Customer success associate

Our Customer Success Associate (of "CSA") is the primary point of contact for the client within the first thirty days. The CSA: 
Learns about the client's business and circumstances in order to assemble the client's team. The CSA may assemble the team based on: 
  • State
  • Industry 
  • Personal Tax Situation
  • Chemistry 
  • Complexity
Walks the client through out platform, from the bookkeeping, to invoicing, to our messaging system, etc. 
Adjusts the members of the client's team as necessary. 
Continually follows up with the client regarding any outstanding documents. 
Answers any administrative questions the clients may have. 
Coordinates with all the members of the client's team. 

02 Customer success manager

A Customer Success Manager is included at no additional cost for clients who have an additional product outside of our Basic Accounting Package (which consists of Tax Advisory, Business Tax Preparation, Personal Tax Preparation & Platform Access) or spends more than $3,000 within a calendar year (such as clients with multiple business returns). 
For instance, if the client has Bookkeeping or Payroll with our Basic Accounting Package, the client will automatically have access to a Customer Success Manager (of "CSM") at no additional cost. 
Unlike our Customer Success Associate which onboards the clients for the first thirty days, the CSM is available to the client throughout the year, for the client's entire life cycle. 
The CSM offers the same benefits as our CSA throughout the year as well as continual followups. Most importantly, the CSM proactively contacts the client to schedule conference meetings with the client and the relevant members of their team on a routine basis. 
For clients without multiple services, or under the $3,000 threshold, CSM can be purchased as a separate monthly fee.