1800Accountant's platforms, portals and systems rely on integrations with numerous key third-party data and solution providers. These include technology integrations as well as partners who provide leads or integrate our solution in their workstreams.

  • Financial Institution Data - Using best-practice authentication protocols and updating for compliance with Safeguards and Privacy Rules under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act we allow clients to connect to bank accounts with nearly all US financial institutions, through partner integrations and direct relationships in the future. These integrations allow clients to bring in bank account information to our portal through API end-point connections where data transactions are categorized for billing purposes.
  • RingCentral Phone and SMS - Our phone solution is integrated with our portal solutions allowing us to send SMS messages, click-to-dial and disposition phone calls and track and monitor employee activity.
  • Tax Filing Systems - CCH and Lacerte integrations allow us to significantly streamline our filing processes directly from our customer portal data sources, reducing human interaction times and offline process dependency.
  • Artificial Intelligence - To improve transaction categorization to better automate processes for our clients and ensure maximum returns and data entry simplicity we have employed intelligence models which scan transactions and give us baseline categorization recommendations based on historical and current customer behavior.
  • Salesforce - Our SF platform serves as our initial master data source and is tightly integrated with our portal solutions to provide a single, reconciled source of customer data
  • Messaging and Event engines - In order to send and receive data, triggers or process flows in real-time, we utilize best-of-breed messaging solutions across our internal platforms
  • Marketing Automation - In order to have highly personalized and dynamically targeted emails, landing pages and messaging, we utilize best-of-breed marketing automation tools and practices to drive customer behaviors and nurture strong relationships
  • Surveys and Feedback - In order to constantly monitor company and employee performance, we utilize integration points for feedback tools to collect surveys and reviews and inform our future product and process improvement
  • Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence - In order to compile complete customer and operational data profiles we utilize nimble cloud-based data warehousing tools in Amazon Redshift and Microsoft PowerBI

  • We offer numerous partnership integrations, including but not limited to: 
    • Dun & Bradstreet 
    • BizFilings by Wolters Kluwer 


    • Various eCommerce solutions 

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