planning beyond taxes

Not all planning is tax planning

01 retirement planning

For clients who are interested, 1-800Accountant has an in-house retirement team via Embark Wealth Management.

Consultations with Embark are absolutely free.

If a client is interested in retirement planning for items such as a Solo 401k or SEP IRA, they can schedule a consultation with a retirement advisor. 

Upon approval from the client, the retirement advisor is able to view the client's tax documents to ascertain their current business projections. From this, they are able to run different tax return scenarios for the client, so the client can weigh their options. 

If the client is interested in setting up a retirement plan via Embark, they can do so for a nominal fee. Embark uses Pershing as the asset custodian.

If a client signs up for retirement planning via Embark, the retirement advisor coordinates with the client's accounting team to notify the team of any changes that may have an impact on the tax and compliance. For instance, this may include updating the payroll filings, books for employer contributions, and estimated tax projections.

02 mortgage & consolidation of debt

We cannot be experts at everything. However, we are able to surround ourselves with people who are experts in their field. 

 Our Tax Advisors are trained on tax, however they may notice savings outside of the Tax Realm. For instance, the Tax Advisor may notice a client may benefit from consolidating their debt, or refinancing their mortgage. 


In this regard, we have partnered up with Intercap Lending. Intercap is a direct Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae lender that offers a wide variety of loan programs and in-house underwriters who follow agency guidelines for faster closing. Clients of 1-800Accountant can schedule a free consultation with a member of Intercap to discuss their options. 

From our Initial sample group: 

Average Savings Over Life of Loan
Average Interest Rate Reduction
We will be integrating Homebot, the client engagement tool used by Intercap in order to offer clients more information about their savings. Upon approval of the client, their home address can be inputted to pull from public records, to auto-populate potential opportunities that may be available to them. This information will be offered to the client at no additional cost. 

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Elliot Gajadhar, CPA