Csa VS nON-csa

CSA is currently being utilized with a subset of our clients. Essentially, CSA is currently in a pilot program. Approximately 1 out of 6 of our onboarding Advisory clients utilizes CSA. 

1-800Accountant offers a 100% money back guarantee for all clients within 30 days. We have noticed tremendous success with the CSA program.

Enclosed below are the clients who elect to pause services within 30 days with CSA vs. Non-CSA. 

Clients with CSA see a 7.18% change in pause services rate. 


The advisors and accountants utilized by the CSA team is the same as those without CSA. The platform the clients use are also the same. The only differentiating factor is the CSA themselves. Fitting the right advisor for the client, has yielded significant results. We intend to expand CSA for all clients going forward. 



02 platform usage

impact of platform usage on pause services rate 

From the clients who pause services, we have noticed a significant correlation between the number of logins to our client portal, to the likelihood to pause services. 

The first chart indicates the number of logins for our client-base. In this case 16% of our client-base has not logged into our client portal. Approximately 1/2 of those clients (the ones with 0 logins) who have not logged into the client portal are susceptible to pause services. However, when logins hit 26+ the susceptibility to of those clients cancel drops to ~11%. 

Essentially, the more a client logs into the client portal, the less likely they are to pause services.  

As a tactical strategy, we are making significant strides to improve our client portal with features which encourage usage of the platform. This includes items such as the current Tax Planner, and future integration of the Tax Planner with our bookkeeping software.