01 Overview

Our Tax Advisory Generator, is a tool meant to enhance our advisory plan.  

Based on the client's industry, state, profit levels, and services with us, our advisory generator will give the advisor relevant information tailored towards that own client's own specific situation. 

The goal is to focus on all the nuances and intricacies of the client's business. For instance, if the client is in California and subject to California Franchise Tax, it will display information regarding the Franchise Tax.  

We anticipate a possible 61,047 combinations minimum.  



02 process

1. Templates can be created and edited by an Admin Accountant. Each template can denote whether the information applies to a particular State, Industry, tax type (ex. Payroll, Sales Tax, Income Tax) and dates. Checklists can be created as well that is client facing. For instance, if the client has a franchise tax payment on a particular date, a checklist for the franchise tax can be generated, reminding the client to pay the franchise tax.

2. Our system cross-references the client's current information with the templates, and generates only the information that is relevant for that client. For instance, if there is a template filled with information regarding Texas clients, the information will not generate for a California client. 

3. After the information is automatically cross-referenced, the information is displayed accountant facing side, on the client's page. This can be used by the accountant during their calls.  

4. The accountant will also have the ability to modify the client's information as needed. For instance, if the client was initially indicated to be a California client, but moved to Texas, the accountant can toggle Texas instead, and all the relevant information will switch over to Texas.  


03 layout


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Elliot Gajadhar, CPA