client demographics

01 Income levels

About the data: 

  • Data enclosed is based off of all 2018 Individual (Form 1040) tax returns filed (as of 12/31/2019) and is based on the clients' income from all sources. 

  • Adjusted Gross Income ("AGI") is based off of line 8b of form 1040. For clients with negative AGI, this typically means the client's business typically ran at a loss, beyond their other income sources such as a full-time job. It also factors items on Schedule 1 of form 1040.

  • Percentiles are rounded to the nearest percent. Percentiles of 0% typically detonates the value was under 1%. 

  • Married denotes clients filing "Married Filing Joint." Given community property state laws, Married Filing Separately would not accurately reflect the AGI levels of our clients. 


  • For clients filing single, 20k to 50k AGI was the most common range (at 24%).

  •  58% of our client-base had an AGI of 50k or under. 


  • For clients filing married filing joint, 100k to 125k was the most common range (at 13%). 

  • 50% of our client-based had an AGI of 125k or under. 

  • Interestingly, a subset of our married clients are higher earners, with 9% of our married client-base having an AGI of 325k+

02 state

The majority of our clients are concentrated in a few major states with California, Texas and New York consisting of 18.92%, 14.93%, and 6.71% respectively. 

In addition 5.16% of our clientbase do not fall within only one state. Meaning, they are either multi-state filers, or reside outside of the US. 

03 continuity

The underlying purpose of our advisory and compliance processes is to: 

  • Allow clients to understand their deductions and the tax planning strategies we can implement for them. This leads to greater tax savings, which can be used to reinvest in their business. 

  • Take the headache out of tax compliance, allowing clients to spend their time on their business instead.

A significant portion of businesses close down within their first few years in business.

With this in mind, the businesses with clients who have advisory services, typically stay in business longer.