ClientBooks is our stand-alone "do it with me" bookkeeping software. ClientBooks is tailored towards clients who may not need full-service bookkeeping, but at the same time, may need help along the way. All clients who use Clientbooks, have access to our messaging and calendar system. For a fixed monthly subscription, the client can schedule unlimited appointments with a bookkeeper, or send a bookkeeper a quick message for assistance. ClientBooks also offers 30 day free trials. 

ClientBooks integrates with 1-800Accountant. If a client's business grows, and they now need more indepth bookkeeping services with a full service bookkeeper, or they need tax advice, the information in ClientBooks can seamlessly be transferred to the 1-800Accountant platform. 

With ClientBooks, the client can (but not limited to):

  • Categorize Transactions 

  • General Profit and Loss & Balance Sheets 

  • Invoice clients 

  • Track Mileage

  • Schedule appointments and send messages to a bookkeeper

  • Store Documents





machine learning

We are currently developing a solution to allow auto-categorization of transactions. 

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